Stress January 5, 2016

At our relaxing and confidential hypnotherapy clinics, Stephanie Maclennan can work with you to understand the causes and effects of stress in your everyday life. Using safe hypnotherapy for stress techniques, we can begin to provide the desired results that we have achieved for hundreds of clients.

Some of the symptoms of stress:

Unable to switch off
Lack of concentration
Increased drinking & smoking
Disrupted & poor sleep

Our sessions will focus on teaching you to understand and overcome the effects of stress on your behaviour and everyday life. Our aim is to enable you to change your perception of certain situations for the better and to provide you with a stable platform to be able to deal with stressful situations in the future.

Speak to us today to begin your journey with hypnotherapy at our clinics in London, Reading & Newbury. Click the enquire now button below and submit a message and we will contact you to discuss your concerns. All of our communications are confidential and secure.

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