Hypnotherapy In London March 5, 2015

Visit our Harley Street Hypnotherapy clinic in London to speak to our qualified team of hypnotherapists and cognitive behavioural therapists. Our clients visit us with a range of queries and symptoms that we can help to diagnose and overcome using expert hypnotherapy techniques. Our services can help to treat issues including:

Habitual Issues
Eating & Weight Disorders
Emotional Problems
Panic Attacks
Weight Control
And many more

Stephanie Maclennan has been a licensed cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnotherapist & EMDR therapy practitioner for many years and holds many qualifications and affiliations from professional bodies and education institutes. More information can be found here. From our London practice we also offer EMDR therapy which can help chronic pain management, anxiety issues, fears, trauma and phobias.

If you would like to begin discussing how our hypnotherapy procedures in London could help you personally please visit our contact page.

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